"The Soul of Slow Food"

I happened upon this article about the links between slow food, farmers, and independent restaurants in the South. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the opening paragraph:
"Andrea Reusing’s memories of visiting the Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, through the years are filled with sights of Lebanon bologna and piercing smells of horseradish freshly grated by a man operating an old machine with a foot pedal. Mostly, though, she says, “it was an amazing thing to follow my grandmother around and see all the relationships she had with every farmer and every purveyor there.”

Reading that made me both happy and homesick. But what a serendipitous connection!

NPR report on hormone-infused meat and early puberty

No one should be surprised by this, but researchers are finding that the hormones found in meat products may lead to early puberty in girls. Doctors are finding that girls as young as seven are starting to hit puberty nowadays. Sounds like another reason to cut back on meat -- or at least buy organic.
Read the report transcript here.

Food photography and scanned sandwiches

Yesterday I stumbled on Chow's10 Ways to Photograph Food.  I like the idea, but I wish they had featured more than just apples.  Does anybody know of a good tutorial for photographing finished dishes?

While reading through this feature, I discovered Scanwich, which is more than just a clever name.  Yes, it's actually a collection of scanned images of sandwiches.  What can you infer about me by the fact that my first thought was, "Who has to clean the scanner each day?"

I also discovered FoodPornDaily.com.  How's that for photography inspiration?