Wonderful Good Market

When I heard about Stoudt's Wonderful Good Market in Adamstown, I called my mother right away to schedule a time when we could check it out along with my Mom-Mom. The market's website says they sell "fresh baked bread, pastries and a huge line of healthy edibles, dried bulk items, produce, gluten free products, international cuisine and maple syrup," and I was excited about the prospect of such a wealth of local offerings. In reality though, I was sadly disappointed by what it had to offer. They do sell a wide variety of organic dry baking goods, canned products, and other packaged goods, and although they do have some interesting frozen foods, I didn't see anything pre-packaged that I haven't seen at other natural foods stores in the area. Places like Akron Nutrition Center have a better selection anyway.

Most of all, I was hoping for more fresh produce. There was one table of beautiful vegetables, but there wasn't much of a selection. I think it's possible they may have more to offer on a Friday or Saturday, however. We ordered lunch from their lunch counter, but it was a bit chaotic. They didn't have the soup advertised on the chalkboard, figuring out where to pay was confusing, and the wait for our food was much longer than was needed to dish out soup and grill a veggie burger. That being said, our food was very good and fresh. I think this place just needs some time to figure out what it wants to be and who it wants to cater to. Until they figure that out, I'm happier shopping at Central Market.