Bull City Vegan Challenge

In October, ten restaurants in Durham will take on the challenge of adding vegan options to their otherwise meat-laden menus. At the end of the month, patrons can vote for their favorite meals online, and hopefully, some of these restaurants will decide to keep more meat-free options on their menus for good. I'm impressed by the variety of restaurants that chose to participate; vegans will have their pick from French bistros (traditionally vegan-unfriendly) to Italian-inspired sandwich shops to pub-style eateries. I hope this challenge brings in enough business to make chefs and restaurant owners realize there is a local desire for more meatless options when dining out.

You can read more about the challenge in this article or on the BCVC facebook page.

While we're on the topic of veganism, next month is the Vegan Month of Food, or Vegan MoFo, which I greatly prefer. Once again, I will post at least one new vegan recipe per week here, along with any resources I can find. Check back for new recipes soon!