Sometimes, I fail.


Yesterday was one of those days. I was super, super excited to try out a recipe for tomato-peach sauce that I'd found a few weeks earlier on Eats Well With Others. The combination of juicy tomatoes, sweet peaches, and smoky chipotle powder sounded just strange enough to be potentially delicious. Forty minutes into roasting, the onions still weren't done enough to be "safe" for my IBS, so I decided to leave everything in the oven for another 20 minutes.

Little did I know that 20 short minutes could bring such widespread disaster. The natural sugars in the peaches and tomatoes had scorched and stuck to the pan. What had been sweet and succulent minutes earlier was now charred, black, and crumbly. And to top it off, the onions were STILL not cooked enough. (I swear I heard them giggling as I pulled the smoking pan out of the oven, the sassy little brats.)

I'm not ready to give up on this one though! I'm wondering if this sauce might turn out better if it were roasted for a longer time at a lower temperature, in the style of roasted tomato-garlic sauce. It might even work well in the Crockpot for a few hours. Any thoughts?

P.S. As the smoke cleared, Bryan snickered, "Take a picture of that for your blog!" Thanks, dear.