New Year's resolution: Eat more eggs


We've all got that friend: the one who's constantly giving unsolicited conversational advertisements for his/her latest discovery, whether it's a new gym, a makeup product, or possibly Jesus. Well, I'm about to be that friend, people. Get ready for your eyes to glaze over as your head starts nodding involuntarily.

Here's the deal: you can hard-boil eggs in the oven. If you're like me, you love the convenience and portability of protein-packed hard-boiled eggs, but you hate waiting a million years for water to boil and you get stressed out over the precise timing that the traditional method of boiling eggs takes. Baking eggs in the oven saves time, plus it's easy to do a bunch of them at one time.

Some of you have known about this method for a while now, and I understand it was popularized by Alton Brown a couple years ago. I read about it on lifehacker (Thanks, Chris!) over the summer, and I've been very impressed with the results. The yolks are creamy and soft, and the whites don't turn greenish or slimy. White shells may turn brown in spots, but this discoloration doesn't affect the taste of the eggs. I will probably never go back to true hard-boiling again!

You will need:

  • Eggs


  1. Start with a cold oven. Place eggs directly on the oven rack, or place them in a muffin tin. (I like using the tin, just in case any eggs should crack open.)
  2. Close the door and set the oven to 325 degrees F. Once it has reached that temperature, set a timer for 30 minutes.
  3. After 30 minutes, remove the eggs from the oven and plunge them into a bowl of ice water so they can cool. 
  4. As soon as they're cool enough to handle, you can peel them or put them in the fridge to keep for later.

It doesn't get much simpler than that!