Some resources

Looking for vegetarian-friendly restaurants in your area? Check out and for local directories. Both sites include international directories, but I've linked to the guides for the U.S.

Real Simple magazine recently spotlighted 25 vegetarian main-course recipes on its site, organized by "pasta and noodles," "pizzas, sandwiches, and tarts," "soup and chili," and "more." I've tried some of these recipes already, but I've bookmarked others to try! includes a seasonal ingredient map of the U.S. that can be used to decipher what's in peak season in your area each month of the year. Clicking on your state brings up a list of produce ready for harvest, and each ingredient leads to a description and a list of cooking tips and featured recipes. The cooking tips are especially useful. Great resource!

Buying local in PA (and other states, too!)

When are apples in season in my area?  How long is asparagus season?  Where can I buy the best local produce?

Pennsylvania residents can use this harvest calendar to determine which fruits and veggies are in season throughout the year.  Check out to explore farmers' markets, restaurants, wineries and breweries, and food events throughout the state.  There's even a great search tool to find a certain fruit or vegetable within a selected radius of your home.  (Personally, I've been craving Asian pears lately!)  

People in other states should check out for a guide to ripening seasons in your area.  Remember that fresh, local produce tastes best because it's been ripened in a field or greenhouse nearby instead of in a truck en route to its destination.  Local food also uses less energy because it hasn't traveled hundreds or thousands of miles and used up gallons and gallons of gasoline on the journey.  Buy local!